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One Writer’s Transformation

With Milli’s help, Ellen’s 14-year-long writer’s block “evaporated”

Ellen Kent

In 2003, I decided to stop procrastinating and write “the book” that had been festering within. This progressed swimmingly for 90 pages, and then I hit a wall. No matter what encouragement I received, I was unable to write.

Fast forward to 2017. My very supportive husband said, “You have the beginnings of a great book. Stop being so proud and go hire a writing coach.”

I proceeded to interview several writing coaches, with marginal success. Then I contacted  Milli Thornton. It wasn’t all the superlative statements on her website that drew me to her. She didn’t suggest boiler-plate solutions like the interviews with other coaches. She simply said, “We’re going to figure out what is causing your block.”

Milli has the gift of listening, and the intuition to help the writer channel into cause and solution.

My personal progress on overcoming writer’s block has been nothing short of remarkable. The best description is to say it has EVAPORATED.

Fourteen years of zero writing has done a 360, and I now average 4-5 completed assignments per week, all new writing for my novel.

I have great confidence that with Milli as my “writing muse” the book will finally be completed.

— Ellen Kent, Chicago, Illinois
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