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Before enrolling in a coaching program

take these steps to ensure your success:

1. Did you have your free consultation with writing coach Milli Thornton?

2. Did you do your introductory week of coaching with Milli ($185) to find out what it’s like?

If yes, then you’re ready to go full steam ahead! See below.

How to get your TIME & money’s worth

Features & Benefits

After they enroll, some writers forget how to mine all the benefits of the coaching. Click here to review what you get each week with Milli as your coach.

Feeling nervous?

Remember that writing on a consistent basis (and receiving encouragement) is how you’ll overcome your inner demons.

“Milli changed my perception about writing. I began to see my writing differently and even see myself differently. She saw potential, strengths, and passions in me that I wasn’t aware I had.”

— Lisa Naté Carter

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3 months (12 weeks)

To help you start your book, or to jump-start an existing book after a long period of procrastination.

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6 months (24 weeks)

(save $500)

To make visible progress on your book, screenplay, memoir or other substantial writing project.

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100% Committed


1 year (48 weeks)

(save $1,000)

When you know you’re in it for the long haul with your book or other substantial writing project.

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What do I get for my money?

Each week of coaching consists of a 1-hour coaching session, assignments tailored for your needs (new chapters for your book, etc.), friendly accountability, increased productivity (write more words!), encouraging feedback for your completed assignments, creativity help and emotional support whenever you need it, constructive critique if you need it, email & text message support (unlimited), and same-day phone calls if emails or text messages don’t resolve your dilemmas.

For more details, visit Try a writing coach for a week.

How do I get started?

Milli makes certain that no one signs up for a coaching program until they’ve experienced what it’s like. You also need to know whether you’ll have the right chemistry with Milli, because the coaching is a team effort.

You can start by requesting the 1-hour free consultation or—if you’re excited and want to jump in and get going—you can try a week of coaching for $185.

What is your refund policy?

Here’s a link to my Not Your Average Dry Refund Policy. This link is also available in the footer menu on every page of this website, along with links for the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and FTC Disclosure.