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Features & Benefits

After they enroll, some writers forget how to mine all the benefits of the coaching. Click here to review what you get each week with Milli as your coach.

Feeling nervous?

Remember that writing on a consistent basis (and receiving encouragement) is how you’ll overcome your inner demons.

“Milli changed my perception about writing. I began to see my writing differently and even see myself differently. She saw potential, strengths, and passions in me that I wasn’t aware I had.”

— Lisa Naté Carter

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(12 weeks)

To help you start your book, make progress with an existing project, or jump-start your writing after a long period of procrastination.

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(24 weeks)

(save $500)*

To make significant progress on your novel, memoir, screenplay, short story anthology or other substantial writing goal.

*Discount ends at midnight PST on the invoice due date

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48 weeks

(save $1,200)*

When you know you’re in it for the long haul—because you have an important book to write, or you have other compelling reasons for cultivating a deeper commitment to your writing.

*Discount ends at midnight PST on the invoice due date

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A 1-hour coaching session

Here’s how one client described a coaching session with Milli:

To say I enjoyed our first session is an understatement. It was enthralling, motivating and tender, the ultimate in collaboration and respect. I not only felt heard and acknowledged, but more importantly understood.

Milli listens for the clues that will guide her to help you. She uses questions and her insights from 18+ years of helping writers to draw out your deepest writing issues.

Assignments designed for YOUR needs

One client’s reaction to receiving her latest assignment:

My goal was to finish my assignment yesterday but I wrote for over two hours and I’m still only on part 2. I’ve learned so much from working with this character. Also, I had no problems with the writing—I was too focused on what my character was saying. I’m really excited about being a happy writer!

Whether you’re trying to write a book or simply recapture your passion for writing, Milli will cater especially to your situation. Each assignment will either zero in on where you’re trying to go with an existing piece of writing, or focus on a way to revive the fun.

Creativity help and emotional support whenever you need it

The clients who do the best here are not shy about reaching out to Milli in between coaching sessions. In fact, you’re expected to get help if you feel stuck. See the next point for how to get this support.

Email, text message and phone support

You can contact Milli any time for support, questions, help getting unblocked or anything else you need. If email or text messages don’t resolve your dilemma, same-day phone calls are available to unknot your issues in person. You’re also encouraged to contact Milli to share your wins (big or small) and your sense of making progress.

Friendly accountability

Milli will help you establish regular follow-ups with your writing coach to help you finish your assignments. These follow-ups will be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Increased productivity

Write heaps more! If you’re currently feeling very unproductive (maybe not writing anything at all) we will quickly change that dynamic. If you commit to Milli’s program, she can help you write thousands of words for your book or other writing project.

Encouraging feedback for your completed assignments

Here’s what one client said about her first feedback:

Milli, When I got your email I knew it contained your reaction about the ending of my story. I took a deep breath and just started reading. I had no idea what you were going to say. All I can say is wow! I am moved and so touched by what you wrote. I was on the verge of happy tears that someone would acknowledge my writing as you have. I’m totally psyched about this feedback and I’m looking forward to seeing where things will go from here.

Besides getting more writing done, the goal at Write More Words is for you to enjoy your writing. When you enjoy it, so does Milli.


The coaching programs (12, 24 or 48 weeks) are for getting the first draft finished. If you want to continue with Milli after that, she offers a book development service.


Milli makes certain that no one signs up for a coaching program until they’ve experienced what it’s like. You also need to know whether you’ll have the right chemistry with Milli, because the coaching is a team effort.

Here’s where to go to get started: Try a week of coaching for $250.


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