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Website credits for WriteMoreWords.com

Without the help of CourseCats, BlogVault and SiteGround . . .

I would not have been able to build and maintain this WRITING COACH WEBsite.
HERE’S A COMPLETE LIST OF MY awesome resources:

COURSECATS WordPress Theme

My lovely and awesome WordPress theme is from CourseCats. Couldn’t thrive without ’em. Meow!

But, seriously, I can’t tell you how much this WP theme rescued me from the darkness of futility and despair.

I first built this website using a website builder company, but they would not allow me to add a sitemap, SSL Certificate or security against hackers, so I had to start over again elsewhere.

I’m a writing coach, not a web designer. My next big mistake was plowing ahead using another website builder instead of WordPress. At the second company, I found out I could have an SSL Certificate but no security against hackers. And their sitemap gave me error messages on Google Console.

I then tried hiring two different companies who claimed to be experts in designing websites using WordPress. Both sites were so awful-looking, I asked for a refund of my downpayment.

I was back to using WordPress, which was problematic because I’m not a whiz at using WordPress themes to build a compelling and professional-looking writing coach website.

All that changed when I found CourseCats. Not only because they offer a WP theme that has the features I want. It’s also because Brad Hogan has created an awesome tutorial that explains step-by-step (both in video and text) how to use the theme. This was life-changing for me!

WordPress hosting

I use (and highly recommend) Siteground as my host for this WordPress site. Siteground support is fast and thorough. They’ve saved my sanity on many occasions.

I’ve been with SiteGround for three years now and I have a bunch of WP sites with them. I would not use another hosting service for WordPress. They have won my trust.

Just while I was building this website, I submitted no less than seven support tickets. The SG gurus corresponded with me exhaustively on each ticket until my problem was resolved. Everything from robots.txt issues to PHP error log. When you’re like me (non-techy) you’ll appreciate the lengths they go to to make such jabberwocky easy to understand.

I love SiteGround so much I decided to move my domain name for WriteMoreWords.com from GoDaddy (where I’ve been keeping my domains for years) over to SG so they can manage my DNS. Yay!

WordPress site backup

I use the BlogVault WordPress plugin and guess what? I would not want to run my online business without them! I’ve been with BlogVault since 2011 for all of my WP sites. They continue to win my loyalty each time I contact them for support.

Blogvault’s founder Akshat Choudhary is one of my most favorite people on the whole World Wide Web. He is kind-hearted and appreciates his customers. Akshat deserves every bit of success he has with his plugin.


My SSL Certificate (the green padlock you see in the address bar of my website) is from Let’s Encrypt, via my host SiteGround. Thanks Let’s Encrypt for making it easy and free to get a (non-shared) SSL Certificate!


Dividers are from individual graphic design artists via Big Horizontal Line Archive | SmashingMagazine.com.

If you’re looking for artistic dividers, this is the place to go. Like me, you’ll most likely find dividers that suit the look or subject of your website. I wanted a divider that would indicate writing. I also wanted one that would indicate Love-Powered Writing Coach. I found them both in this archive of designs.

I love my dividers! Thanks to the graphic design artists who created them.

Divider to get you in the mood for writing > designed by Sandeep Singh

Divider line for writers

Heart divider > designed by Fabienne Curty

Heart divider line


Unless otherwise noted in the caption of an image (or at the bottom of its web page), all photos used on WriteMoreWords.com were sourced from “attribution free” sites. For example, I use Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, Freerangestock.com.

Image compression

ImageRecycle is the only image compression service I will use. When I found out how vital image compression is to the pageload speed for a website, I went looking for the best service that I could try for free first. ImageRecycle rocks! You can try it free for 14 days. After that, you can continue for only $10 a year per 10,000 images or only $20 a year for 30,000 images.

Free downloads

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate adding a PDF offer to a website page while linking it to your mailing service AND setting up the download, you’ll agree when I say you want the download part to be simple and look good. I proudly use Docdroid for all my free downloads. I offer free downloads for Fear Secrets for Writers and also Let Writing Be Easier!


I was specifically looking for icons that would look good when colored yellow. When I found these lovely ones, I did not even have to do any changes in my images editor. Not only were they just the type of icon I wanted to use on my site, they were already yellow. Bonus.

I use icons from Flaticon. Flaticon is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Fountain pen iconDragon icon
Fountain pen and dragon icons made by Freepik


Light bulb icon
Light bulb icon made by Nice and Serious (originally found at flaticon.com)


Book icon
Book icon made by Zlatko Najdenovski