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Writing coach testimonials
from happy writers


Milli Thornton, editor and writing coach

Recommended by
Lori, Dwight, Vicki,
Nino, Judith, Lisa,
Alexis, Sarah
& Catherine

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Lori DiGuardi

“Before I learned about Milli, I struggled for over two years with my manuscript. As soon as I hired Milli, the manuscript flowed. Milli is intuitive, thoughtful and a writing expert. She inspired me, encouraged me and boy did I write! She engages her client’s work as if it is her own with an awesome ability to keep everything organized. She also has a memory like a steel trap so you can just focus on writing. I recommend Milli for any writer needing to fertilize their creativity, get it in focus and write it out!”

— Lori DiGuardi, Arizona

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Dwight Hurych

“Hi Milli. I just wanted to let you know that I still greatly treasure the time we worked together. I also very much enjoyed our conversations not directly related to that. I not only consider you an excellent writing coach, editor, and instructor, I also consider you my friend. I truly hope you are enjoying this phase of your life, and I'm so grateful your life touched mine.”

— Dwight Hurych, North Carolina

Dwight is the proud author of Who Else Can Love You?: Things to Tell Your Child, Inner or Outer

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Vicki Lathom

“What works for me with Milli is that she understands the link between personality and writing. It’s almost scary how she can pick up the personal vibrations and tailor assignments accordingly. If she were a one-size-fits-all coach, it wouldn’t work for me.”

— Vicki Lathom (with her Sheltie Kota), Annapolis, Maryland

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Nino Farruggio

Milli is one special being

Milli is amazing. Her sensitive and intuitive approach to coaching really worked for me. She knew exactly how to get me over my blocks (because she’s such a gifted listener) and unlock my creative flow (because she has lots of tools and wisdom).

I loved our sessions and really looked forward to each and every one of them. I felt very comfortable and open with her. She made me feel like my project was as important and meaningful to her as it was to me. I felt like her heart was in it.

The biggest takeaway for me was getting rid of the judgment towards my work.

Milli is very good at what she does. She makes this difficult process seem easy and effortless. If you are looking for finishing your work with ease and loving support then I highly recommend her. Can’t wait till next time I can work with her.

— Nino Farruggio, nyc, New York


~ ~ ~

Judith Shaw

I finished my novel!

I was trying to turn one of my early stories into a novel and ran into all kinds of trouble. I began to feel trapped by the plot. The writing wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t fun.

So I enrolled in an online course that teaches how to plot a novel. The teacher didn’t pay attention to my answers to his written questions. The format of the course was mechanically so complicated that I never figured it out. I got seriously confused and dropped the course.

I was overwhelmed by what I had taken on but didn’t know how to exit without being a failure. If someone asked what I did, I was not so quick to answer “I’m a writer.”

I went online to look for a solution and found Milli. We talked at length about the problems I was having with my writing and she showed me how to get back to having some fun. It was a huge weight off my back.

I feel like a writer again.

— Judith Shaw, GREAT BARRINGTON, Massachusetts

UPDATE, JANUARY 2018 ~ With Milli’s help every step of the way, Judith finished writing her coming-of-age novel, Charley’s Horse, and it’s now available on Amazon.com.

~ ~ ~

“Yesterday I sat down to write and, I have to say, it felt so odd without you in the mix. Milli, you've made such an impact on me and my writing that even though we're not working together at this time, you're still on the journey with me. I just want to say THANK YOU. You are the reason I've come this far, and I am so grateful for your support and great spirit. OH, and those assignments! NOTHING will ever beat those.”

— Liz Weber, Brooklyn, New York

~ ~ ~

My only regret is not
having done it sooner

I had never heard of the phrase “fear of writing” until I found Milli Thornton. Just hearing those words confirmed something in my mind and heart that I knew was the truth.

Unfortunately, I am very good at procrastinating, and even though I knew this coaching was what I needed, I managed to put it off for quite some time. After spending much time frustrated and still fearful, I finally connected with Milli and signed on for her instruction.

To say my time with her was life-changing would be an understatement.

When I met Milli, I was barely able to write a few sentences a day. It would either be an email at work, or a project I needed to submit as a school assignment. It was a constant struggle and I felt badly because I knew I should write but had zero motivation.

That all changed in a very short time with Milli. Within a week, I had enough momentum to complete a 1,200 word article in one sitting. That had never happened before.

Milli changed my perception about writing. I began to see my writing differently and even see myself differently. She saw potential, strengths, and passions in me that I wasn’t aware I had.

I received a lot of support and felt she was a “safe place” that I could learn about my writing habits. I loved that she could tell me what I needed to hear, but in such a supportive, warm, and friendly manner, until I was literally eating it up.

Today, I’m a better writer and more determined than ever to keep writing. To me, that’s invaluable.

If fear is holding you back from releasing the writer within you, let Milli help you break free. Your only regret will be not having done it sooner.

— Lisa Naté carter, stockton, california


~ ~ ~

Sarah Meier

A much higher return
on my time investment

When I set out to tackle my writer’s block/perfectionism (for I knew exactly what was holding me back), I warned Milli: I’m like the Tin Man. Rusty, stiff, and stuck!

I really doubted there was anything a writing coach could do to loosen my joints. Milli didn’t bat an electronic eye. I could practically see her nodding her head and smiling knowingly. She said, “I think I can help.” And she did.

Her patient TLC and handy toolbox of assignments brought out the tiniest creak from my Tin Man. Then it moved for the first time in years. Then it grabbed a pen. Then it wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more.

I still have moments where the writing freezes up. But before I hired Milli as my writing coach, I would sit at my desk for hours. The result? About 250 words. You can imagine the frustration I felt. But since working with Milli (and sticking with the lessons I learned), I now write an average of 250 words *every 20 minutes.*

— Sarah Meier, corpus christi, Texas


~ ~ ~

Catherine Nichols

Milli, thank you for all
you have given me!

My intentions with writing were good but my focus was not. There were so many days I’d sit in the chair, prepared to write for an hour or two but then suddenly I had far more interesting things to do like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and cleaning out the garage. I couldn’t seem to commit to sitting down and getting the job done.

And then I met Milli. I don’t know what kind of magic she worked on me, but the suddenly ADD/Can’t Finish Anything me was writing (can I get a drum roll, please?) over 1,000 words each and every day. One Sunday, it was 3,000 words! Why? Because I had someone holding me accountable.

Milli makes sure you follow-through on your goals. She’s firm but kind and for some reason, her magic, I mean, methods work.

Milli is friendly, approachable, and spent a long time on the phone with me asking me about my goals. There were never any wrong answers.

Milli’s feedback is second to none. It is thoughtful, kind, and goes deep.

I am 15,000 words into a story I came up with in January but didn’t sit down and write until September when I hired Milli to help me stay consistent.

if your goal is finally writing that book you’ve been putting off, consistently writing for your blog, or any other goal you have with writing, I highly recommend Milli as a writing coach who cares.

— Catherine Nichols, SAN DIEGO, California

~ ~ ~

“Milli, you are such a blessing. The writing prompt you constructed for me is absolutely amazing. I shared it with my housemate and she was blown away by your insights, perceptions and accuracy. She said she just wanted to cry it was so spot-on. Thank you also for the writing guidelines and advice. You truly have such special giftings.”

— Alexis Tulloch, Burton upon Trent, UK