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Dry Refund Policy


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  • Meaningful disclaimer
  • Payment & Refund Policy
  • How to contact Milli Thornton

Meaningful disclaimer

Some writers enroll in writing programs without making the proper commitment to themselves first. Knowing this, writing coach Milli Thornton does not leave this one to chance. She provides you with plenty of information and experience during enrollment to help you determine whether this coaching program is right for you.

Throughout this website you’re offered the opportunity for a 30-minute free consultation with Milli where you can ask all the questions you want and also find out whether you have the right chemistry with Milli to hire her as your writing coach.

Following the free consultation (which is for applicants only), each client is enrolled in the introductory week of coaching so you can find out exactly what’s involved—and also see what kind of creativity and productivity Milli can help you tap into.

As part of the enrollment process, Milli requests a writing sample from you so she can assess whether she can help you with your writing. She also prominently provides access to her (intake questionnaire).

Within her coaching programs, Milli offers ample opportunity for you to have fun, write more words than you usually do and liberate yourself creatively in a supportive environment. As one writer put it:

“The commitment you revealed on the phone was just the tip
of the iceberg for all of the support you provide.”

Therefore, Milli Thornton does not provide refunds to clients in any of the dedicated coaching programs who drop out without making the proper effort to develop as a writer. If you’re having a hard time with an assignment or something else about the coaching, you need to proactively ask Milli for help. (This is clearly stated in the FAQs on the Coaching Programs & Fees page. Milli also goes over it verbally with every new client.) In other words, if you’re ever going to recover from your procrastination, writer’s block or whatever other issue(s) brought you to this coaching service, YOU must make the effort.

Friendly Tip: It’s not hard. Milli structures all of her writing curriculums and coaching programs with plenty of baby steps and very doable milestones.

Please examine your heart first. How much do you really want to be a writer? This program does not exist to take your money just to bag another tuition. Milli gets too devastated when a client lapses in their commitment, which is another reason she does everything she can to make sure you’re ready to commit before you enroll.

Payment & Refund Policy

Potential clients are required to try a week of coaching  before embarking on a coaching program. On this special web page (Try a Writing Coach for a Week), after examining the offer, the client testimonial and the list of what’s provided during each week of coaching, clients can send their request to Milli using the “Yes, I want to try this!” form. The process this sets off with Milli by email typically leads to the new client purchasing a single week of coaching at a (one-time) introductory rate.

A separate web page is provided detailing the coaching fees for 12 weeks and 24 weeks of coaching. Beneath the fee schedule is clear direction and access to the Refund Policy you’re reading right now. The link for this Refund Policy is also displayed in the footer menu on every page of the website.

For all new clients, and for those renewing a coaching program, payment is made via PayPal invoice initiated by Milli from her long-standing PayPal account. PayPal uses SSL encryption for safe transactions.

All discounts expire at midnight EST on the due date of the invoice.

PayPal provides an emailed receipt to each client for every transaction.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website and purchase a coaching program. By using this website, you are agreeing to this website’s terms and conditions, and you also warrant and represent that you are at least 18 years of age.

A full refund of your single week of coaching payment will be provided to you during the introductory week of coaching if or when:

(a) Milli determines from your writing sample (and/or from email, phone or Skype conversations with you after you enroll) that she cannot help you with your writing issues;

(b) within the first 3 days of the introductory week of coaching, one or both parties feel that the chemistry is not right.

After that, if or when you enroll in an ongoing coaching program, no refund will be provided to clients who are not writing on a regular basis (at least one assignment/750 words per week or the minimum word count agreed upon by coach and client). This is because you’ll be provided with custom assignments and Milli’s support, and it logically follows that there’s no reason not to get the writing done.

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