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Writing coach, Milli Thornton

“The chemistry between us makes things happen.”

— Judith Shaw, about coaching with Milli


Committing to an ongoing coaching program is the way my clients get their projects finished/books written. However, both the coach and the writer first need to know whether they’ll have chemistry and make a great team. You can try a week of coaching to find out.

Even if you don’t end up enrolling in a coaching program, you can get a ton of value from one week with writing coach Milli Thornton. (See Lisa’s story.)


Within the first 3 days, if it’s obvious to one or both parties that we’re not a match, your money will be refunded.


Please read this entire page before you apply. If you’re not serious about trying a writing coach for a week, this won’t be right for you.

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Leigh’s testimonial
What does a week of coaching consist of?


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Read Leigh’s testimonial
See what a week of coaching consists of

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 Leigh’s introductory week of coaching

Testimonial from New Mexico

I HAD NO IDEA what to expect from my first coaching session with Milli.

Prior to our meeting, I had not written anything of substance in seven years. I knew I wanted to write again. Writing creatively had once been an important and fulfilling part of my life. But before working with Milli, the very thought of sitting down to write filled me with a fear and anxiety I could not explain. I would do anything to avoid writing: vacuuming the house, organizing my closet, planning my vegetable garden six months in advance. I was totally paralyzed.

During our meeting, I found myself having revelation after liberating revelation about my writing.

Milli encouraged me to write without expectations about outcomes. That was an incredible breakthrough for me.

I had two major brainstorms during that first consultation about an idea for a novel that had long ago stumped me and dried up. We weren’t even talking on that subject at the time. I’m convinced these brainstorms came organically because Milli helped me connect with my creative self again. That self had been stifled for so long. Now that it was invited back into my life, it had a lot to say.

I couldn’t wait to get started with a coaching program. I got my first assignment and wrote 10,000 words over five days.

I was having so much fun, and was so delighted to see I could still be creative, I had to tear myself away from the laptop to tend to the necessities of life: eating, sleeping, and spending time with my husband!

Milli has an uncanny ability to see into you as an individual and find the right strategies and insights, just for you, to set your creative self free. She’s so passionate about her coaching it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Milli is following her dream as a writing coach, and it shows. Milli rescued the writer in me, and I am grateful.

Thank you, Milli!

— L.L., New Mexico

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Besides getting more writing done, the goal at Write More Words is for you to enjoy your writing. When you enjoy it, so does Milli. (Which means: So will your readers!)

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Each week of coaching consists of:

A 1-hour coaching session

Here’s how one client described a coaching session with Milli:

To say I enjoyed our first session is an understatement. It was enthralling, motivating and tender, the ultimate in collaboration and respect. I not only felt heard and acknowledged, but more importantly understood.

Milli listens for the clues that will guide her to help you. She uses questions and her insights from 18+ years of helping writers to draw out your deepest writing issues.

Assignments designed for YOUR needs

Here’s one client’s reaction to receiving her latest assignment:

My goal was to finish my assignment yesterday but I wrote for over two hours and I’m still only on part 2. I’ve learned so much from working with this character. Also, I had no problems with the writing—I was too focused on what my character was saying. I’m really excited about being a happy writer!

Whether you’re trying to write a book or simply recapture your passion for writing, Milli will cater especially to your situation. Each assignment will either zero in on where you’re trying to go with an existing piece of writing, or focus on a way to revive the fun.

Creativity help and emotional support whenever you need it

The clients who do the best here are not shy about reaching out to Milli in between coaching sessions. In fact, you’re expected to get help if you feel stuck. See the next point for how to get this support.

Email, text message and phone support *

You can contact Milli any time for support, questions, help getting unblocked or anything else you need. If email or text messages don’t resolve your dilemma, same-day phone calls are available to unknot your issues in person. You’re also encouraged to contact Milli to share your wins (big or small) and your sense of making progress.

Friendly accountability

Milli will help you establish regular follow-ups with your writing coach to help you finish your assignments. These follow-ups will be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Increased productivity

Write heaps more! If you’re currently feeling very unproductive (maybe not writing anything at all) we will quickly change that dynamic. If you commit to Milli’s program, she can help you write thousands of words for your book or other writing project.

Encouraging feedback for your completed assignments *

Here’s what one client said about her first feedback:

Milli, When I got your email I knew it contained your reaction about the ending of my story. I took a deep breath and just started reading. I had no idea what you were going to say. All I can say is wow! I am moved and so touched by what you wrote. I was on the verge of happy tears that someone would acknowledge my writing as you have. I’m totally psyched about this feedback and I’m looking forward to seeing where things will go from here.

( * With a limit of 5 hours per week per client for support and feedback )

Book Development

The coaching phase is about getting the first draft finished. If you want to continue with Milli after that, she offers a book development service.

Ready to get the benefits of a writing coach for your own writing?


Leigh’s story originally published by Milli at Writer’s Muse