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Visitor’s Sitemap for Love-Powered Writing Coach

“Milli made me feel like my project was as important and meaningful to her as it was to me. I felt like her heart was in it. I loved our sessions and really looked forward to each and every one of them.”

— Nino Farruggio, Long Island, New York

Feeling lost? You can use this page to find anything specific you’re looking for. Still can’t find what you need? Please contact me and I’ll make it faster for you. ~ Milli

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Home page

WriteMoreWords.com is the website of Milli Thornton, a writing coach who helps both writers and closet writers. Milli helps writers living anywhere in the world, as long they have phone or Internet access. She communicates with writers by Skype, phone and email.

On the home page you can watch a 2-minute video, Why You’ll Never Write Your Book (unless . . .), that gives the main reasons why you’ll never write your book unless you do something different. Underneath the video are three options you can explore if you decide to “do something different” and get help for your writing dilemmas.

Meet Milli
On the home page, you can meet Milli Thornton and find out from one of her students, Alexis Tulloch of Burton On Trent, UK, why she’s been referred to as a love-powered writing coach. Read a bullet point list of the training and support Milli provides with all her programs for writers. Find out who she helps and how she can help you write more words.

more About Milli

On the About Milli page you can see a photo of Milli, learn more about her, get a quick take on her philosophies, her approach to helping writers and some of her background and writing achievements.

Why You’ll Never Write Your Book (2-minute video)

A video for blocked writers who feel hopeless about the book trapped inside of them. The video goes over some of the main reasons why the book is not getting written, and then reveals the punch line: “You’re never gonna write your book unless you do something different.” The call to action at the end of the video lets writers and closet writers know that there is hope, and there’s a next simple step.

Writing coach video (10 minutes)

The Write more words, finish your book video is a 10-minute lively introduction to exactly how Milli helps writers produce more words than ever before. Trust between coach and client is paramount. The video will help you determine whether you would trust Milli enough to help you with this. You may have already watched the video on YouTube. If you’d like to watch it again, click on If you have 10 minutes to watch this video, you may just end up as a happy, productive writer.

Fear Secrets for Writers

Two penetrating secrets for writers and closet writers who are experiencing fear or extreme fear of writing. Includes important insights into how fear operates. Apart from the two liberating secrets, this article gives extra relief using inspirational quotes about fear from some of the great thinkers of former centuries.


On this sparkly page you can read meaningful testimonials from Milli’s clients that will inspire you with the results they got. This covers everything from beating procrastination and perfectionism to dropping negative beliefs about their writing to massively increasing their word count to getting assignments tailored for their personal needs—and beyond!

One Writer’s Transformation

Read about this writer’s amazing transformation when, with Milli’s help, Ellen Kent went from 14 years of writer’s block to writing 3,000 words during her first week of coaching.

Lisa’s results

Writer Lisa Naté Carter agreed to let Milli share the results from her first week of coaching to show what’s possible when a writer fully immerses herself in the program. Lisa’s story sounds remarkable but, with Milli’s caring and results-driven style of coaching, it’s not an isolated occurrence. To read Lisa’s story, click on Even a Level 5 (Expert) Procrastinator Can Get Her Writing Done.

Online Writing Coach

This page is a profile of Milli’s clients all over the USA—and some in other countries—who have used her online writing coach service to help them do everything from write a blog post to finish a book. You’ll find out that geography is no barrier, and that this option is actually more convenient (and even more relaxed!) than having a local writing coach.

Try a writing coach for a week

Road-test a writing coach the no-risk way. You can try a week of coaching. If, within the first 2 days, it’s determined by either party that we’re not a match, your money will be refunded.

Get a 1-hour free consultation

If you’d rather talk to Milli first before road-testing a week of coaching, that’s entirely doable. Just click the red button for the writing coach free consultation that you’ll find on various pages of this site and fill out the questionnaire. Milli will get back to you quickly—sometimes even within 30 minutes!

Writing Coach Fees

On the Coaching Programs & Fees page you’ll have access to the two types of coaching programs you can choose from after you’ve done your introductory week. Find out the cost involved in hiring a writing coach for various types of writing projects: Basic (12 weeks) To help you start your book, make substantial progress with an existing project, or jump-start your writing after a long period of procrastination. Far-reaching (24 weeks) To make long-term progress on your book, screenplay, memoir, collection of blog posts/articles or other substantial writing goal (comes with a discount).

Time Management for Writers

Uniquely YOU Time Management for Writers is a 55-page ebook by writing coach Milli Thornton. In the 28 chapters plus companion 33-page workbook, Milli tackles the deepest issues that keep writers from finding more time to write—and from making better use of their writing time when they do finally sit down at the keyboard or notebook. The book is chock-full of insights, aha moments, real-life stories and, most importantly, solutions.

Spiritual book coach

Using her unique and varied spiritual background, and her passion for inviting Spirit to join in her daily activities, Milli is a sensitive and open-minded coach for anyone with a spiritual, Christian or New Age book and a need for loving and perceptive support. It’s Milli’s great joy (and source of fun!) to provide her service as a spiritual book coach.

Free download WRITING TIPS

Here’s where you can download a free PDF written by Milli that explains how to let an inner power that you already possess do the heavy lifting for you. Entitled Writers & Closet Writers . . . how to stop pushing the boulder uphill & let writing be easier, the main point is that you already have this power. Knowing this and using it consciously is another way to get more words written than ever before.

Let writing be easier!

This is the same information that you can read in the free PDF. Here it’s been provided as a web page for your convenience. You’ll learn some of the secrets of how the imagination works, and how you can get Milli’s help to learn how to let writing be easier.

Medium Mastery Review

This page is devoted to a review of the Medium Mastery online course by Tom Kuegler. Medium.com is a publishing platform where anyone with a desire to can post articles, join publications and become a Medium partner. Kuegler’s course teaches how to shift into high gear with writing more articles, making money from your articles and further monetizing your Medium experience.


On the Write More Words blog you can read blog posts from Milli Thornton and her guest bloggers lovingly focused on writing, creativity, imagination, the writing life, being a #healthywriter and shedding the Inner Critic/gaining more self-belief as a writer

Blog posts

Writing Destiny. Got one? Milli demystifies the word “destiny” for writers by looking closely at its definition and demonstrating that you choose your destiny as a writer, not the other way around.

Deeply trusting your imagination is the long-term answer for how to overcome writer’s block. In The True Key to Your Writing Dreams get four simple steps to fostering creative trust within you.

5 Simple Tricks to Write More and Beat the False Evidence of Self-Doubt is a blog post that helps writers see how they can go from the paralysis of self-doubt to a state of writing often, which is the only true cure for the fear and self-doubt.

Your imagination cannot be forced to produce. Romancing Your Inner Writer: 5 Fun Fiction Writing Tips is about passion, fun and letting the chemistry happen!

Liberating Benefits of Writing a Practice Novel by guest blogger David Schoeman shows you how to create a writer’s sandbox where you can play and experiment without the usual pressure of adult expectations.

MEANINGFUL Disclaimer & Refund Policy

Milli’s disclaimer and refund policy is written in plain English and you should read it before you make your payment. A reminder about the refund policy is provided on the fees page right beneath the blue, purple and red Enroll buttons, as well as a tip on how to find it. (Hint: The link to the refund policy is in the footer menu on every page of this website.)

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service/FTC Compliance are standard policies that have been tailored to this website. If at any time during your browsing experience you’d like to read Milli’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, you’ll find the links to these policies in the footer menu at the bottom of any page of this website.


On the credits page Milli joyfully shares the tools and resources and acknowledges the people and services that helped her build and present a writing coach website she can feel proud of. And, more importantly, a website that can be found by the writers who need her help.