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Sensitive editing for your manuscript, article, blog post or website

Online writing coach Milli Thornton

Hello. My name is Milli Thornton and I’m a writing coach, but I also love helping writers with my sensitive editing skills.

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“I just looked over what you sent back to me and it looks amazing! I’m overwhelmed and insanely grateful to you for taking what I’ve written and turning it into something people will want to read. I’m floored by your talent. What I love the best is that when I sent my post to you, in my mind there was more to the story I hadn’t yet written—but the way you ended it seemed like it was meant to be that way! You're an extremely sensitive editor. I've told many people that the majority of the time I can't tell what you've done/changed. Hopefully some of the people I know who were seeking an editor retained your services after my recommendation. If not, they’re fools!”

— Catherine Nichols, San Diego, California

Types of editing I can help you with:

  • Editing for fiction and nonfiction writers
  • Basic copyediting
  • Heavy copyediting
  • Website copyediting
  • Line editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Proofreading

Along with my own definitions below, Archway Publishing (from Simon & Schuster) adds clarity regarding the different types of editing:

  1. Copyediting cleans up spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.
  2. “Heavy copyediting” may be for you if you feel overwhelmed about editing your own stuff.
  3. Line editing analyzes each sentence. It “makes your prose sing.”
  4. Developmental editing “looks deeply at the organization and strength of a book. The editor considers everything from pacing to characters, point of view, tense, plot, subplots, and dialogue.”
  5. Proofreading is a final intense scrutiny to check for errors.

Get a free consultation with manuscript editor Milli Thornton

“ Milli has edited my work in such a way that she kept my voice throughout the stories and travel articles; sometimes sending them back with edits that I didn't even notice at first were not my own writing. She is an experienced, detail-oriented, dedicated and open-minded editor, ensuring that the end product is the best possible work that a writer can produce.”

— Kamelia Renata, Cluj Napoca, Romania

“My experience with content editors has not been stellar and I was reluctant to try another. But she grasped the nature of my work and heightened its impact. The changes were so subtle I had to compare my original copy to the revised version to see what modifications actually had been made. They were completely true to the essence and spirit of my work but substantially sharpened its impact. Extremely insightful work. Incredible value for the money. I shall certainly use her services in the future.”

— J. Gray, Chicago, Illinois

Get a free consultation with manuscript editor Milli Thornton

Preliminary info about my rates and editing style:

My rates are based on the Editorial Rates from EFA [Editorial Freelancers Association], with room to negotiate.

(“Room to negotiate” is for genuine financial restrictions. As one writer put it: “Your services are top notch. While I was in real estate, everyone wanted my advice for free, despite believing my advice was worthy of their time.”)

I only work with writers who do not insist that the manuscript be marked up. Marking up cramps my ability to be intuitive and sensitive with my changes. (For more insight about my style, scroll back up and read the client testimonials.) If you need your manuscript marked up you can already know that my service won’t be right for you.

Despite this notification, I do still ask you about marking up on the request form below. That’s because not everyone reads the page before filling out the form. Asking you to declare your choice on the form is how I weed out the requests that aren’t right for my service.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll like my “no markups” style, I will edit a short piece for you gratis to demonstrate what I mean by sensitive editor. We’ll work out the details of this during the consultation.

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