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Free consultation with writing coach Milli Thornton at writemorewords.com

“ I can't believe how much better I feel about everything already, just from the first call! I think our working together in this new year is going to be brilliant. I can't wait!”

— Gina Gibson, North Carolina

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Are you serious?

If you’re serious about working with a writing coach, you’ll want to try the introductory week of coaching. There’s no risk, as it comes with a money-back guarantee.


To find out how to try the week of coaching, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step process. During this process you’ll (1) receive more information about what’s involved and (2) be given the opportunity to apply for a one-hour free consultation.

After successfully completing the first step in the application process (submitting the application form), you’ll be able to use an easy online calendar to schedule your consultation with Milli so you can find out if you want to go ahead with the week of coaching.


As part of the application you will also be asked to submit a writing sample. This will help Milli understand more about you as a writer before she calls you for the consultation.


“All our dreams
can come true
if we have the
courage to
pursue them.”
— Walt Disney

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Can a rock-bottom price keep you accountable?

When considering whether to hire a writing coach, here’s something to ponder in the bigger scheme of things.

When you pay a rock-bottom price to enroll in a self-development service that you’re hoping will be life-changing, you’ll get that initial thrill of landing a good deal. But is this thrill deceptive?

Accountability and cheap. Are they a match?

Let’s take the issue of writers procrastinating. If you suffer from this yourself, how much self-generated incentive will it take for you to change your entrenched habits of procrastination?

If you’ve been trying to resolve it on your own, you may have been through cycles of hope and despair. If you’re enrolling with a coach to try to change that pattern, this probably means you’ve reached desperation point.

Have you been able to keep yourself accountable? If you’re still procrastinating, the short answer is no. So how accountable will you feel to a coach who didn’t charge sufficiently for her services?

Subconsciously, you won’t respect your financial commitment.

When your procrastination kicks in again, you may even convince yourself that the money you paid was chicken feed and that’s why you can bail from your coaching program. Because you won’t be losing much.

In case you think I’m making this up, here’s an example. Years ago when I launched my first online course for writers, the enrollment fee really was chicken feed. And my retention rate was terrible. Once I got to the point of charging what the experience is worth (combined with adding more accountability in other forms), my retention rate went up to around 98%.

In human terms, a high retention rate means more writers finish and graduate. And you can bet they’re a whole lot happier with themselves and their rejuvenated writing life than the ones who bailed.

Accountability and free. Definitely not a match.

During my years as a writing coach, I’ve learned the hard way that people don’t appreciate what they get for free.

To ensure that each new client is the right fit for the type of coaching I do, I use an induction process, including an introductory week of coaching and a free consultation. Here are some of the less productive behaviors I’ve encountered with the free consultation:

  • Some people didn’t do their homework before the call (for instance, they didn’t bother to read my bio to find out what type of coach I am, or they didn’t bother to check the fees to find out whether this is something they can afford).
  • Some people assumed the free consultation is free coaching. Which means they would fail in any program that requires you to take responsibility for your investment.
  • Some people would get mad when they found out I actually charge money for my service and cancel the appointment.

In response to all of these, I got smart. I created an application process that weeds out the people who aren’t serious.

“Commitment unlocks the doors
of imagination, allows vision,
and gives us the right stuff to
turn our dream into reality.”
— James Womack

Price and taking your investment seriously

In her article Top 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Why It’s So Powerful, strategist and speaker Megan Tull wrote, “When you invest in yourself, a world of opportunities will open up for you.”

I’m curious. Have you ever paid a low price for something you were excited about—but then blew it off later because you felt the dollar loss was low enough?

If the answer is yes, then you may understand why I say no when people ask me for special deals. The financial commitment is just as powerful as anything else you will experience during a coaching program at Write More Words.

Apply today for your free consultation with writing coach Milli Thornton. Click the red button to apply.