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Hi Cat,

I wasn’t intending to break out the waiting list any time soon, but your submission was compelling. So, I’m putting the application form on this hidden page. This is the form you would normally have filled out if the waiting list wasn’t there instead.

Feel free to write everything you want to tell me. And don’t worry that some of it might repeat things you said in your waiting list submission. That won’t hurt anything (and reinforcement of important points is something I believe in).

This form has a way of focusing the consultation, so that’s why I’m having you do this step. Also, after you hit the Submit button, an auto-emailer will send you some extra info, along with a request for a writing sample.

After you click Submit, you’ll be taken to my booking calendar. Please ignore that step. My calendar for the free consultations is redundant right now because of having a full roster of clients. You and I have already confirmed a day and time for your consultation.

Also, be sure to let me know your calling situation. Can you call me free from Portugal? Or would you need to do Skype or Zoom? (I already know your time zone, so you can specify that when it asks for time zone.)

P.S. I already know you’re a bit conflicted about what form your writing should take. So when the form asks you what project you’re seeking help for, you can either select “Other” or checkmark the one that calls out to your intuition. (Checkmarking one won’t commit you to anything. Everything we decide to do has to be a good fit for you otherwise we won’t do it.)

Here’s the form: