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An accountability coach can keep you in good health with your important project
(not just for writers)

Accountability turns pain into peace.
Amy Jalapeño

Online writing coach Milli Thornton

Welcome! My name is Milli Thornton. I call myself the Accountability Doctor. You’ll see why below.

How does the coaching work?
What kinds of goals or projects can I help you with?
Testimonial from a happy client
A coach who walks her talk
How did I become this kind of coach?
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Accountability coaching fees

Accountability coach free consultation


The first step will be to examine your goal in detail and delve into what’s been holding you back from making substantial progress.

Each week you’ll have a one-hour phone or Skype meeting with your accountability coach. These calls will bring you clarity and insight, help you let yourself off the hook (with those nasty, critical voices in your head) and then get tough on yourself in all the best ways. We’ll mutually explore tools and strategies suited to your temperament and available time.

By the end of each call, you will have agreed to getting X done toward your goal. Then, throughout each week of your accountability program, we’ll use accountability reporting (not as dry as it sounds, and designed to suit your temperament) to ensure that you’re staying on track.

A vital part of coaching is to understand how to get the right support from your coach when you get into a dark or unproductive place. This will be simplified—so you’ll know how to act fast to nip it in the bud—but also reiterated until you “get it.” This repetition is often necessary because people have strong habits of isolating and not reaching out for support when they most need it.

Accountability coach free consultation

What can the “Accountability Doctor” help you with?

  • career
  • health
  • fitness
  • spiritual
  • financial
  • bucket list
  • creativity (eg., painting)
  • education (eg., finish your thesis)
  • personal development
  • starting an online business
  • writing (if you need more than just accountability, see writing coach)

Even if you don’t see your goal on the list, go ahead and request the free consultation. Together we’ll explore how I can help you.


Have you ever had a teacher or coach who was SO steeped in his or her field that you felt stifled (or pressured to be more like them)?

I became aware of this dynamic when a painter came to me wanting accountability, even though my website says writing coach. She told me that art classes and workshops were okay to begin with, but eventually she didn’t like being held to the “stickler” high standards of teachers who refuse to think outside the box of their favorite techniques.

I’m not a painter, so how could I help her?
There are 2 simple but profound reasons:

(1) I know accountability. I’ve been using it for years in my coaching programs (and in my own life). When you boil it down, accountability is accountability, no matter what the goal is.

(2) Precisely because I’m not from her world, I had beginner’s mind. Which meant I could help her escape the mental ruts she acquired when she took all those classes and workshops.

There’s a third secret. Because I probably know nothing about that painting technique or cutting edge fitness program (for instance), I won’t be the least bit swayed when you tell me why you’re failing. I’ll simply help you clear the mental and emotional limitations that have been holding you back from your dreams and goals.

And then I’ll help you connect with what’s real and true for you. What works for YOU.

Accountability coach free consultation

Testimonial from a happy client

“When all your family and friends are tired of hearing you whine about your unfinished project, it’s time to hire an accountability coach! My poor husband couldn’t take it anymore. My friends’ response was “Are you still working on that project?” My grown children would roll their eyes and say “Just finish it already!!!” But the more I procrastinated, the worse it became. Thank goodness I found Milli Thornton to act as my accountability coach. She has been a miracle worker on my behalf. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She has been with me through all my ups and downs on this project, helping me stay focused on the goal, and to not lose heart. Now I look forward to starting my tasks, instead of dreading them. When I finish this project, I’ve asked Milli to help me transition to my real passion, which is art. I have had artist-block issues in the past, so I’m counting on her assistance to help me overcome any procrastination that might arise, leading me to eventually becoming a self-motivated, productive painter!”

— Andrea Gunning, New Mexico

Accountability coach free consultation

A coach who walks her talk

A few things Milli has done to be accountable in her own life

Major move

As a single mom on a part-time income, Milli used her budgeting skills  and self-accountability to save up enough money to move with her daughter (from Australia to the USA) to be near family.

Health & sanity

Milli recovered from severe PTSD without using drugs or therapy. She researched her options and got the treatment she needed on a tiny budget.


Milli wrote the first draft of a full-length book in one month. She wrote the first draft of her first screenplay in 29 days. And the first draft of a 35,000-word book for Kindle in four days.

Bucket list

Milli’s been seeing the Southwest as a full-time house sitter. She’s currently finishing up a 6-month assignment in Tucson, AZ. Her next house-sitting gig will put her in one of her dream destinations: Big Sur, California.

Accountability coach free consultation

How I became an accountability coach

I’ve been helping writers for 18+ years. One of the issues has always been accountability. The more I worked with writers, the more adept I became at helping them finish what they set out to do.

One day a woman working on a project that had her frustrated called me out of the blue. Even though her project wasn’t about getting writing done, she asked me to be her coach. Her project sounded fun (but not to her!) so I took it on. That was the beginning of acting as an accountability coach for goals or projects that people need help with.

After a conversation where my first client said “You’re saving my marriage!” I decided it would not be so far-fetched to call myself an accountability doctor. I hope that makes you smile, and also gives you hope.

Online writing coach Milli Thornton

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Request a free consultation with Milli (fast scheduling!)

No hard sell. No obligation. Get all your questions answered. The free consultation allows both parties to feel for themselves whether we’ll have the right synergy to work together. This free call also helps Milli assess your needs and properly determine whether she can help you.

Accountability coaching FEES

Seize your destiny

Be accountable

Accountability coach free consultation



(4 weeks)

For a goal you know you want to accomplish in 1 month. This will put your feet to the fire! It will also cultivate the insight and win you the encouragement you’ll need to make this big blast of effort.

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(8 weeks)

(save $150)

Eight weeks of accountability builds new neural pathways, as you go week after week sticking to your goals. Your coach will help you dig deep to find your underlying strength, and set reasonable benchmarks so you don’t burn out.

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100% Committed


Not currently available

(save $400)

Whether you have a long-term project, serious exercise goals or a bucket list you want to attack, enrolling in the 100% Committed program will help you be or do more of want YOU want. Four months from now, you’ll be amazed when you look back and see how much has changed.

Not currently available